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Whether it’s insurance, investments, tax planning, real estate, or anything else that affects your personal wealth, I ask the questions and look for resources that will help you make the best long-term financial decisions for you and your family.


“Student Loans: Lessons For Parents and Their Children”
Thursday, March 31st


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At Money Matters with Dino, we bring the top financial, legal and real estate professionals and their knowledge to as many people as possible by sharing their experiences on our highly rated radio show and here on our web site. We do this so that you can make educated and informed decisions to keep more money in your pocket and use that money for personal as well as investing opportunities.  Don’t make financial mistakes that could’ve easily been avoided had you been given the right information at the right time.  Take control of you financial future, by being confident in your financial decisions.

From your estate to Real Estate, we’re Money Matters With Dino.

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Tax Tips From Your Financial Planner

Now is the time to review your finances particularly how taxes during the distribution of retirement will affect your nest egg.  Having the right Financial Planner on your side can literally mean millions in tax savings if things are handled properly and at the right time. In this episode Regional Vice President of Trilogy Financial Services Kevin Leon comes on to set the record straight.


Student Loans: Lessons For Parents and Their Children

Parents beware that student loan debt is now higher than credit card debt in America.  Start with a plan for your child early and make sure that everyone understands the goal…avoiding student loans!  Here’s an idea. Instead of buying toys and gifts, contribute to the higher education savings account.  In this episode Financial Executive from Trilogy Financial Services Daniel Lungu gives great tips for parents and their kids alike to help avoid the crushing results of high student loan debt.  Also in studio with Daniel and Dino is Shelley, a real life example of the student loan crisis.


How The Changing Business World Will Affect Your Children’s Decisions

Things are done differently in today’s business world.   Technology moves faster than ever before and with it comes the ability to create things like iphone apps

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