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Risk Based Investments Vs. Conservative Investments

How do you know when to take a risk with your money and when to play it safe? Is it better to risk when you’re young and play it safe as you age? Wh...

Tax Law Overview

Have you taken a look at the American Tax Relief Act? It’s not exactly easy reading. There are literally hundreds of changes made to the tax code th...

Financial/Estate Planning in the “New America” – An America of higher taxes

– An America of burdensome nontax expenses, like Obamacare -An America where, while success is still possible, you have to put as much effort in...

Why You Need An Accountant–A Best Friend to Your Business

Sure, there are plenty of tools and software out there that make it easy to do your own taxes. So why hire an accountant? Because accountants do a lot...

Your Financial Compatibility–Are You Ready to Marry Your Partner’s Credit Rating

Your financial compatibility is important because when you marry your significant other, you’re marrying his or her financial habits too. And yet, a...