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Category: Real Estate


The Relaxing Way To Make Money In Real Estate

The title sounds like it’s a little bit of a sales pitch doesn’t it? Well in a way, it is. Anyone who’s been a landlord before, knows there’s ...

Your Financial Compatibility–Are You Ready to Marry Your Partner’s Credit Rating

Your financial compatibility is important because when you marry your significant other, you’re marrying his or her financial habits too. And yet, a...

Why It’s A Good Thing That The Sub-Prime Market Is Back!

Ok, I know what you’re saying.  Is this guy crazy?  Wasn’t it the Sub-Prime loans that caused the crash of the Real Estate Market nationwide jus...

First Time Homebuyers For Dummies

“BUYER BEWARE” Hi folks, Mortgage guru and radio host Dino Katsiametis here again with a couple of tips for you to think about when you’re shopp...

Rich Man, Poor Man – The Lessons You Need To Know

There are moments in our lives that show up to help guide us to our better selves; the place where we ultimately wanted to go... if we are ready. Hop...