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The Financial Weight That Your Father Carries

I’ve been a small business owner most of my adult life.  I love creating something from nothing; taking risks and watching them pay off through the implementation of a unique idea supported by long hours and hard work.  I consider myself to be a motivated self-starter, but never has any of that been more true than when my first child was born.family picture 2

My daughter was instantly the driving force behind everything I did from the moment we met until the moment my second daughter was born…and then my son… and soon to be 4th child.  Everything seemed to take on new meaning and the urgency I felt to be successful in my business endeavors so that I could properly provide, was both joyous and daunting.  I quickly understood the sacrifices my dad made working day and night in his various restaurants. I began to appreciate that he wasn’t just a wonderful guy who happened to be a crazy workaholic…he was a father.

The really interesting thing about this phenomenon is that it’s not a phenomenon at all.  It’s a fact that’s been around since the beginning of time and will continue until the end of time.  Every father I’ve ever met feels the weight of this enormous gift that is fatherhood and every father no matter what their situation; I believe, does their very best to live up to the responsibility.  It’s true sometimes we stay at the office too late and sometimes we yell when we’re tired and frustrated, but we love our children more than we love ourselves. We wage war every day with traffic, clients, bosses or bills and yet seeing them for the brief moments we get to, is worth every penny we must earn.

So happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there that stress out about not doing enough for their kids and worry about whether they’ll ever understand why you do the things you do.  They will….after all you’re a father.

Published by: Dino Katsiametis


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