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The Marriage Contract

There is an amazing concept that has turned into a very practical tool that I’d like to tell you about. It’s called “The Marriage Contract.” Conceived and constructed by Attorney and Mediation expert Colleen McNamee of McNamee Mediations, the marriage contract is a last ditch effort to bring two people who still love each other but are at the edge of divorce, back together. Here’s how it works.

  • Through the mediation process Colleen determines the hot button issues that have caused the rift in the marriage.Marriage 2


  • Action steps are created for the couple to take, based on compromises that both participants described in mediation and felt would make a difference in their marriage.


  • Both members of the couple agree to every action step.


  • A legal document is written and signed by both parties stating all action steps that must be followed or the contract is voided.


  • Divorce papers are prepared and will be filed in the event “the Marriage Contract” of action steps that the couple agreed upon, is voided.


This is a brilliant concept. Why? Because it holds the couple completely accountable to each other and the marriage. There can be no claim of signing under duress or having to adhere to an unfair agreement. This contract is filled with only action steps that the couple themselves came up with and agreed to in a desperate attempt to stay together. It is a noble challenge that both can feel good about.

So what if the agreement is broken? If a member of the couple voids the contract by not fulfilling their part of the agreement, the other can feel a true sense of closure that they might otherwise not have felt and feel confident that they’ve done absolutely all they can to keep the marriage together.

Yes, the divorce rate is at an all time high in California, but there’s still hope. Congratulations Colleen McNamee of McNamee Mediations. You’ve created a tool for married couples everywhere to use at a time when it’s needed most and we are impressed.

Colleen works closely with Second Saturday2nd Saturday is a non-profit organization that hosts a regular seminar / workshop the 2nd Saturday of each month. If you are a women contemplating, or going through, divorce or legal separation, you should consider attending.

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