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philShow Producer Phil Giangrande brings unsurpassed knowledge and direction to Money Matters with Dino. Working alongside host Dino Katsiametis, Phil ensures seamless operations and efficient production start to finish. With vast experience ranging from commercial voiceovers and radio advertising placement to co-host, producer, videography and copywriting, his comprehensive approach has helped shape the vision for Money Matters with Dino. As a member of Clear Channel Communications, Phil has been an integral part of a wide variety of shows.

His passion for the art of talk radio has propelled him onto the forefront of some of the most innovative platforms in the industry today including: Barely Legal with Joe Escalante, Ledger on The Law, Mortgage Matters, Real Estate Radio, Wealth Builders, LA Food and Wine, the nationally syndicated Stephanie Miller Show, MLS- Galaxy Soccer and NFL- WW1 Football to name a few.